A Song and a Story

I have been writing since I was 5 years old. Actually, I started creating comic books with a friend. I created a series called “Cutie Lucy”, starring the title character who was a cat living in a world where cats are the people. Her and her boyfriend, Tigre, had hilarious adventures (at least according to a 5 year-old’s imagination.

I was also writing short stories- horror, comedy, and science fiction. Of course, I thought they were brilliant, but in reality, they were not good. The point is, since before kindergarten, I have been a creative writer.

When I began playing guitar at age 13, I began writing songs. On my own, I have written about 275 songs; and in collaboration with my best friend during my teen and early adult years, together we wrote about 65 songs. Most of these songs were not very good. Some were and still are what I consider excellent. Most of them no longer exist.

Inspired by Cheech & Chong, I began writing comedy sketches that my brother and I recorded. We did all of the voices and sound effects. I was “Coco” and my brother was “Angelo”. We recorded enough material to fill 3 albums. None of it has survived over the years.

When I was 19, I started writing a book called “SNOOKERED”, a semi-autobiographical story about a young man addicted to gambling at pool. I never finished it.

I gravitated toward short stories because I could finish them. I estimate that I have thus far written about 300 short stories.


The next installment will be about going from “writing” to “being a writer”!