Well, tomorrow, January 20, 2017, America gets what they asked for. Donald J. Trump will be sworn in and begin his term as POTUS. The majority of American voters chose him, and now he’s what we’ve got. And there’s nothing we can do to change that.

There will be protests tomorrow at the inauguration. Other than John Wilkes Booth attending Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration, I don’t recall any protests at the ceremony before. I guess they are protesting the election process, because that’s what stuck us with Trump. I just pray the protests will be peaceful. It is our Constitutional right to peaceably assemble to express grievance with our government; however, that right is forfeited if violence or the threat of violence erupts.

And speaking of our Constitutional rights, whether we like our new president or not, he is our president. But, I want to remind everyone of something Mr. Trump may not realize. Starting tomorrow, he will hold a position he has probably never had before… EMPLOYEE.

That’s right! POTUS works for us, the American people! He is accountable to us. So, WE THE PEOPLE need to constantly remind him who his employer is!

Think about it… Then act like it!


The Trump Administration

****** I seem to be very politically and socially-conscious today. *******

In spite of resistance from Republican party leadership, the primary process and the threat of violence has left no choice for the convention but to nominate Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate.

Although he has never campaigned for any political office, if he adheres to the counsel of his party leaders, he may have a chance of being elected to the highest office in the nation.

If Donald Trump is elected president, what will it be like? Since our nation has never been led by an egocentric, openly-offensive non-politician before, this is all speculation. The thing about speculation is that it’s seldom objective and not necessarily based on fact. Now, with that disclaimer out of the way, here goes…

  • First of all, Donald Trump is accustomed to heading boards of businesses, where these board members were his employees, whose job security was based on agreeing and obeying the boss. His wise choice for cabinet members would be advisors who challenge him; however, he’s not used to that.
  • POTUS requires majority cooperation and collaboration of congress to accomplish anything.Democrats will always oppose Trump. Most Republicans don’t approve of him either. Who does that leave to approve president Trump’s plans?
  • Donald Trump is not, nor has he ever been a politician. Some believe that’s a primary reason for his public appeal.However, in the political world, there are rules to the game (as clandestine as they may be) to get things done. President Trump may have trouble learning about these rules and the true power limitations of the position of president.
  • Thus far in the primary process, he has polarized and offended most Americans (which makes his popularity a mystery to many). As president, will he be able to repair the bridges he has demolished and unite Americans?
  • The United States and the world are in a tenuous and fragile state now. Would president Trump be sensitive to our situations in foreign affairs? Let’s hope so.

POTUS Donald Trump will make mistakes, like every other president who has held the office. He will be loved, and hated. There will be cries for impeachment, and cries for re-election. He will be inheriting an economy that is unsteadily attempting recovery (not that the POTUS has any control over the economy. They don’t), and stepping into a war against terrorism that Americans have forgotten the reason and just want it to stop. He will be stepping into office when the country is in racial turmoil comparable to the ’60’s. He will be the president to a generation of young adults who have no concept of respect for authority (in general), work ethic, or inventive/ creative ambitions.

To President Donald Trump, I say two things:


******** Tomorrow I will address the Hillary Clinton Administration. Stay Tuned! ******


For those who don’t know, POTUS is the acronym for “President Of The United States”. Probably most Americans would say that it’s the most powerful position in the country, maybe even the world. The position is certainly one of, if not the most influential positions in the world; and in that sense, powerful. However, examining the actual “power” of the POTUS in the US may look a little different than you thought.

Reading the US Constitution, you’ll find the job description of the president to be one of:

  1. Service– The function of the position is to serve the welfare of the citizens of the United States. Every action of the office is intended to be to this purpose. Although the position carries honor (even if the person doesn’t), the president is a servant of the people.
  2. Accountability- POTUS is accountable first to the citizens of the US. Our government was founded on the principle of being “for the people, by the people”. We have the right to hold any elected official to accountability. Furthermore, if we do not exercise that right, then we’re releasing politicians to do whatever they please. Secondly, the president is accountable to the US Constitution and all branches of the government on every level that endeavor to uphold it. How can POTUS be accountable to an old document, especially one that gets re-interpreted all the time? That is an excellent question. Essentially, we elect presidents based on what they say¬† their interpretation of the Constitution is (that and their promises about things like economy and education, etc.). Lastly, POTUS is accountable to the world. Especially as we progress toward a global community (regardless of it’s dysfunctions), the President of the United States is an influential figure, a representative of democracy, capitalism, freedom, alleged prosperity, power, and peace-making.

Looking beyond the Constitution, into the reality of the presidency today, it is a burden beyond the imagination of most people.

  • POTUS is the biggest celebrity in the world. Every detail of the president’s personal life, past and present is under a microscope. Their effectiveness in office is, in part, based on approval. If their ducks are not in a row, spin doctors need to make it seem they are.
  • Perhaps a majority of Americans over-estimate the power of the president. For example, if the economy is good during a president’s administration, he gets the credit. And if it’s bad, Americans blame the president. The reality is POTUS has almost nothing at all to do with controlling the economy. That power lies far above that office, in offices such as the Federal Reserve Board and The World Bank, places like that… Congress has far more influence on the economy than the president, and they don’t have much. When Tip O’Neal was the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the republican party began romancing him to run for president. He responded [paraphrasing] “Why would I take a pay-cut for a less powerful position?”
  • Politics is a game. Jimmy Carter was a great man and humanitarian. He accomplished more toward peace than any other POTUS in over a century. He was an honest man. Unfortunately, these characteristics gave him a distinct disadvantage in the White House. History will remember Jimmy Carter as an ineffectual president. Politicians play a game, by certain rules. Things are done (or not done) a certain way. Special interests are pressed by lobbyists making behind-closed-doors deals with senators and representatives. Bills get presented, discussed, amended by other special interest issues that completely unrelated, but buried in the language of the bill so it can pass. It gets debated, back and forth. Eventually, what started as a simple idea plops on POTUS’ desk as a 1200 page bill, along with three more that twice as long. You get the drift?

I’ve gone really long on this post, and for that, I suppose I’m sorry. I feel passionate about this message. I have for some time. I just normally don’t go political. It’s timely. I believe it’s important. And I hope it is helpful.