Wrong-Way Feldspar!

I poured my heart out into two blog posts last night. I haven’t written in a while and I am going to get back to my passion. My blog posts have always been shared on my various social media accounts, including, of course, Facebook. I have two FB accounts. One is almost non-existent. My blog has always shared with the correct account. However, all of a sudden, it didn’t. It shared with my dormant FB account. I CANNOT seem to change that setting! HELP!!!!!!!


Kickstarter Launch

My Kickstarter project has been accepted… quicker than I expected. The launch date is tomorrow:


The duration of the project is just 30 days, so on July 1st, I will know if it worked or not. I will post the link tomorrow morning. I hope to hear from all my friends. And hopefully my friends will spread the word. Just like the ripples of a small stone thrown into the water. Kinda cool visualization, huh?

I am excited but also nervous. I have never done anything like this before. It’s all or nothing. If my project meets or exceeds the goal, it’s a green light. But if the goal is not met, I get nothing.


For those who follow my blog, or at least click in for an occasional read, I want to ask a favor of you that should be mutually beneficial.

If you tweet, post a tweet with a link to my blog. If you pinterest, please add this blog to a board, like it, recommend it, whatever social media you use, get my word out there.

Now the part that will benefit you. If you have a blog or website or facebook page, or Google+, or whatever, put the link in a comment on my blog, and I will return the favor.

I should add that I will first take a look at your site (etc.) and if there is nothing objectionable in its content, I will promote it, like it, pin it, press it, everything except lick it and stick it on an envelope.

If you agree to do this, please leave a comment in my blog here, and include your link (s).

Below The Technical Curve

On Christmas Day, my granddaughter, who is turning 16 tomorrow (28th) and a 20 year old young woman at the gathering at my daughter’s house told me that “nobody uses Facebook anymore“. In their words,”Facebook is so lame now“.

Simply, I want to ask all those who do not use Facebook to raise your hands.

Hmmmmm… That’s what I thought.


As the year winds down, I tend to reflect on the goals I had set for the year, and evaluate how I did.

1. Lose weight
Success! Last year in November, I weighed 353 pounds. It was the heaviest I had ever been. I felt terrible! Now I weigh 280 lbs. I have not dieted. I have worked hard.

2. Get a job and hang on to it
Success! In early March, through a local temp company I got a good job at a new company in Aurora. I have worked hard, and hope to be hired in full-time.

3. Get my first book, MORE THAN SONGS published
Unsuccessful! I need a bank account in order to set up a kickstarter.com page to raise the money for my portion of investment to publish the book with West Bow Publishing, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

4. Buy a trustworthy vehicle
Unsuccessful! I cannot get a car loan, and I feel like I’m working just to pay my bills. Its good that my bills are getting paid, but saving for a car is going slower than a snail.

5. Write a novel of 50,000 words or more in the 30 days of November
Unsuccessful (as for word count). I did write about 16,000 words within the month, and will continue on this, my first novel. Through NaNoWriMo, the challenge was to discipline myself to write every day (didn’t work), and learn to write without editing (I struggled, but could not seem to stop myself).

6. Establish my online presence as two different writers
Somewhat successful! I have developed this blog, inconsistent involvement in social media (facebook, twitter), created an ezine. Not doing much for developing Matt Ice.

If I had other goals for 2013, I don’t remember what they were.
In December, I will list my goals for 2014 in this blog at some point. Even if no one reads or comments on them, at least I will have committed them to public examination, and directly writing them out.