“MORE THAN SONGS” Companion Adult Study (Introduction)

This is the introduction to the study that accompanies my book MORE THAN SONGS


The most important book you can ever read is The Holy Bible. To read it simply as a book can impart great wisdom and understanding of the nature of humanity, God, and history. It contains principles for all aspects of life, love, and prosperity.

However, the Bible is far more than a book. It is the revelation of God. He authored all sixty-six books, through yielded servants who faithfully recorded what the Lord told them to write. The words are the power of God released to anyone who seeks to know Him. They are truth. They are eternal. They are universal, and they are personal. Continue reading “MORE THAN SONGS” Companion Adult Study (Introduction)


Not Everything In Our Time

My Kickstarter.com project, seeking backers to invest in the ministry of my first book MORE THAN SONGS  failed. My efforts to raise $12,000 dollars to publish, I succeeded in raising $25.

So, here’s the way I look at it:

I asked a few brothers and sisters in the Lord to take a look at the project and give me honest feedback. One of these told me that he believed “you have to walk the walk in order to talk the talk. And [he] just didn’t see that in my daily life.” This hit me hard, but it was the truth.

I had been straying from living in the reality of what I believe. Oh, I still believe it, but I had become discouraged and was reverting back to old ways of dealing with stress and discouragement. I was not walking the walk.

To make it even worse… because of my biblical knowledge, I could still talk the talk. That would make me a hypocrite. I can praise and worship God sincerely because I know He is worthy. And I have the knowledge to teach many things of God. But if this knowledge affects no change in my life, then the message, no matter how powerful, is tainted, by me.

I was actually trying to convince myself and the Lord that if He would finally bring the vision He has given me to fruition, I would be so encouraged, then I could live the life that I know I should. I have been an intelligent fool. Having knowledge without understanding; knowledge without application is foolishness.

In a nutshell, my heavenly Father knows the true me, and knows that I am not ready yet to fulfill that vision. If He were to permit it now, my own foolishness would bring the important message to ruin. My behavior (deliberate sin) would taint the anointing on the message. And God does not call us into failure. When we follow His leading, we will succeed. The success may not have the form we thought it would, or happen when we think it should; but it will be according to His perfect will and perfect timing.

I just hope I can get it right before it’s too late for me.

Kickstarter Launch

My Kickstarter project has been accepted… quicker than I expected. The launch date is tomorrow:


The duration of the project is just 30 days, so on July 1st, I will know if it worked or not. I will post the link tomorrow morning. I hope to hear from all my friends. And hopefully my friends will spread the word. Just like the ripples of a small stone thrown into the water. Kinda cool visualization, huh?

I am excited but also nervous. I have never done anything like this before. It’s all or nothing. If my project meets or exceeds the goal, it’s a green light. But if the goal is not met, I get nothing.

Being A Witness

“So, let me ask you a very important question… If you were to die today, do you know where you would spend eternity?”

I was standing in line at the customer service desk at Walmart, when I heard the man behind me ask the young man behind him this question. I did not turn around, but listened to the conversation.

The young man was apparently not fluent in English, as he was clearly from… let’s just say not this country. He either genuinely did not understand the question, or thought feigning incomprehension would get the stranger to leave him alone. “What is eternity?” he asked.

The Witness responded “Forever and ever. So do you know where you would be?

Again, the foreign young man answered what he thought might get the Witness to leave him alone, “Hope Heaven

Our Witness then proceeded, quite predictably, to share the gospel of Jesus, and how one could be certain they will go to heaven, by “trusting that Jesus died for all our sins and accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior“.

The foreign man did not seem to want to argue, but graciously said he did not believe that anyone can know for certain they are going to heaven, nor did he necessarily believe the Bible because “there are so many other books people consider holy writing“. You know what? He was right about the other books.

Which brings me to my point.

Christians are commanded (not requested) to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. This Gospel is laid out plainly in the Bible. However, if a Christian encounters someone who does not believe the Bible is the inspired and completely true Word of the Living God, is it being an effective witness to continue spouting Scriptural quotes? Could that be likened to starting a conversation with someone who does not speak your language, so you just speak your language slower and louder?

It is God The Holy Spirit that will lead Christians to whom they are to present the Gospel, and gives the Christian the words to effectively communicate the message. Furthermore, it is the same Spirit that enables one to understand the Scriptures. So, when a Christian is talking to someone who does not believe the Bible, yet they continue to quote (i.e. the most common texts are called “The Roman Road”), I believe it is possible the Witness may possibly not be led by The Holy Spirit at that moment.

I compare that approach to a machine gun. You don’t aim a machine gun. You point it in the general direction of your target and hold the trigger. By virtue of the spray of rapid fire bullets, the chances are you will hit your target. Machine gun witnessing does not require God the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Armed with training to escort someone through, for instance, the Roman Road, and persuading them to say The Sinner’s Prayer puts another notch on the Witness’ salvation belt (or another jewel in their heavenly crown).


Updates: Warning! Dated Material!

Mr. Bates from CrossLink Publishing has never responded to me. I don’t mean to judge, but it doesn’t seem that he is very interested in helping a writer trying to make a Christian message marketable.  

However, Darya Sackett from INNOVO Publishing has been very helpful and supportive. She has given me some very specific and helpful information on how to build my platform (see last post). I am beginning that process, with a goal of having an established platform by this Fall. Then, MORE THAN SONGS should be a marketable Christian book.

*** On a completely different topic, I had a job interview yesterday with the owner of a “fine dining” restaurant in Kent, called LAZIZA. It is a well-paying opportunity with advancement on the near horizon. The owner is looking to open a new restaurant in Hudson this June, and he is looking for managers to open it. It’s been several years since I worked in a restaurant. I’m nervous, but confident that, with a little time, I can brush up on my culinary skills and knowledge. ****