Improving Your Well-Being Through Exercise and Fitness

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The Importance of Exercise Combined with Recovery

Whether it’s due to alcohol or drug abuse, dealing with addiction often seems impossibly difficult. Not only have long-term habits become entrenched in your routine, but your brain also actively craves the chemicals released as a result of the abuse. However, by creating new habits, routines, and neural pathways through physical exercise, it is possible to move on. Here is a quick look at how exercise can help the recovery process.

How Exercise Helps Recovery

Indulging an addiction releases positive chemicals called endorphins in the brain, which cause the feeling of being high. Exercise, however, also releases endorphins, along with additional boosting chemicals which combine to create the feeling of a stronger, natural high. This will immediately help with withdrawal. Particular types of physical activity also reduce the number of stress hormones present in the body, putting addicts in withdrawal through…

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