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It’s not always the “formula” trendy content that people want to read. It’s honesty. And it’s activity. I’m inconsistent. It’s important also to actively follow other blogs.


Novel Writing Competitions 2016

Let’s face it. Contests can make us some money, maybe get us published, be the start of our writing career

Jessica Davidson

Novel Writing Competition listing for 2016. Updated: 4 April 2016  Selection of international writing competitions for unpublished or self-published novels, plus a couple for UK residents only.  I haven’t entered them all so can’t vouch for them personally, but if you have experience of any of these comps I’d love to hear from you. Good luck!

Please be sure to check the websites for more information, submission requirements and deadlines. 

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How Things Are

I am in harmony with contradiction.

I am permanently temporary. No, wait, I think I said that wrong!

I am decidedly indecisive.

I am traditionally nontraditional.

Under certain conditions, I can be unconditional.

The consistently stable element in my life has been inconsistent instability.

The one thing I can always count on remaining the same is: things will change.