Let’s Talk About Words

As a writer, words are… well, my thing. I’m always fascinated with the history and evolution of language. Sometimes, I also think the changes are ignorant. Excuse me. I mean #ignorant.

But, when writing realistic dialogue, it’s important to keep up on colloquialisms (boy, that’s a $10 word!). People don’t talk (that’s “speak” for those of us who care about English) the same as they used to (Do you know how it irritates me to end a sentence like that?).

Every so often, I hear on the news about new words that are added to the official English Dictionary. These words are added because they become so commonly used, they are embedded in our language and accepted. The first time I can remember hearing of such a thing was when “ain’t” became a word (my spell-check didn’t even object just now). We all of course know ain’t is a contraction for… NOTHING!!! However, Fo’shizzel is now an accepted word in the Dictionary. #Selfie, Belfie (I’m not kidding about this… is a selfie of your butt!) is now a real bonafide word.

Isn’t language #amazing?

Actually, all of this has very little to do with what this post is really about, I suppose. Words have power. They can persuade, hurt, bless, motivate, entertain, challenge, teach, and, well, you get the idea. Whether they are written, verbal, or electronically produced, words can and influence our lives. In many ways, they shape who we are and who we become.

For example (and now, at last, I’m getting my point), when I was growing up in bars (literally), cursing was common of course, but there were certain words that were not generally used. The “F- Bomb” was only used in rage or telling a dirty joke, and the worst thing you could call a woman was that word that refers to a female dog.

Nowadays, the f-word has become so commonly used it has lost any stigma formally associated. In fact, I have met people who don’t think they have said a complete sentence without that word at least once. And as for the female dog, women now wear the word as a badge of honor, a term of endearment.

Let’s talk about the influence of the frequent use of these words. I have a neighbor family that the mother and father seem to constantly scream (I don’t mean yell) at the top of their lungs at each other and their children. Every other word is swearing and calling each other and their children terrible words.

One day, the mother…

*****************TO BE CONTINUED*********************


Progress and Opportunity


Through walking again 4 to 6 miles 3- 5 times a week, and eating in moderation (which is in conflict with my nature) I am now down to 252 pounds. A little over 2 years ago, I weighed 353 pounds!

This puts me only 17 pounds from my goal weight of 235 lbs. At that weight, I will judge how I feel, to determine if I need to lose more. Also, I will stop swimming in my clothes. I had committed when I began losing weight that I would not buy any new clothes until I reached my goal. I have no idea what my waist size will be! I haven’t weighed 235 since I was a teenager. In fact, I haven;t been in the 250’s since my teens either.

People have trouble believing I have done this without dieting. The fact is I have tried numerous diets in my life, some with TEMPORARY success. Then, when I went off the diets, BOOM! Usually I put more weight on than I had lost. Diets always made me feel deprived, and I made up for it. I can’t speak for anyone else necessarily, but for me… diets do not work. I have not used any “diet” at all to lose over 100 pounds so far. I work hard at my job (sometimes). I walk at not a leisurely pace (but I do not run unless I’m being chased and I’m not afraid of anyone). And again, the hardest but most important struggle is eating in moderation. I can eat ANYTHING (within reason, since I am diabetic), just in (there’s that bad word again) moderation.


For the second consecutive year, I am participating as a team captain in the Step Out To Stop Diabetes Walk in Akron, Ohio. I have type 2 diabetes. Those participants with diabetes are recognized as RED STRIDERS”. The walk this year is around the picturesque Akron University Campus on Sunday, September 27. It’s 4 miles, or 2 miles for those whom 4 is perhaps too much.

Donations are not based on distance, but based on support for the cause. Last year, my personal total was about $128. This year my goal is to at least double that. There are prizes provided by our many generous corporate sponsors for participants raising various amounts of donations.

So, I’m asking everyone in the Northeastern Ohio area to join my team. We are called ” The Cool Shooz“. I chose this name because I thought it would be cool if all team members would wear colorful decorative (but of course comfortable) shoes. There is no limit to how many people can be on a team. Last year one team at the Akron walk had over 200 members.

And if you are unable to join my team, I ask you to please consider a donation to help stop diabetes. 100% of your donation goes directly to the American Diabetes Association. It is tax deductible. Per your request, I can send you a tax receipt. Any donation of any size is greatly appreciated. Together, we can stop this disease that affects and kills millions of people every year. Here is the link to my team page: