The Creative Process: Sharing your masterpiece

I intend to read the entire series of which this is a part. Excellent! I recommend it!

Jessica Davidson

If the creative process has gone well, you should now be ready to share your work in the final stage: SHOWING. The moment of truth!

As you work, writing and rewriting, there’s a constant internal pressure to share what you’re doing with others. Especially these days, now that our lives are enhanced/blighted (delete as appropriate) by social networking and ubiquitous narcissism. Of course, you want people to like your work. You’ve spent so long working on it, why wouldn’t you want to share it? You want (and need) approval, encouragement, and validation. But they might hate it, or laugh at it.

At you.

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I am 56 and live in Ravenna, OH USA. I am a writer . I am a father and grandfather. I have been a Christian since 1982. I am a musician and singer. I teach guitar (when I can get students). I am an avid reader and Bible student. Under the name Mike Mattice, I write Christian nonfiction. Also, I write web content for a web developer, articles and blogs on various topics.

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