No Gems Today

I still haven’t broken the habit of not posting on my blog unless I think I have something profound to say. So, instead of a shining star, I have a question for my fellow writers:

If you are a stickler for spelling and grammar, and let’s throw in an aversion to colorful language, do you apply those standards to all of your dialogue? Do all of your characters abide by grammar rules? Should they?

Let’s also talk for a moment about the profanity (that term can mean something different to different people) issue. I’ve been reading the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz. The title character does not cuss, and Koontz found a creative way to convey when others did swear. So, if you personally do not use that kind of language, realistic dialogue may include it (since MANY people cuss a lot). How do you convey realistic dialogue? Of course, if you have no problem with that sort of language, you might not relate to that problem. Or perhaps you have alienated some readers by overuse.

So hat do you all think?


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I am 56 and live in Ravenna, OH USA. I am a writer . I am a father and grandfather. I have been a Christian since 1982. I am a musician and singer. I teach guitar (when I can get students). I am an avid reader and Bible student. Under the name Mike Mattice, I write Christian nonfiction. Also, I write web content for a web developer, articles and blogs on various topics.

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