Writers, Let Me Hear From You!

Good or Well?

I am normally a stickler for grammar. Here’s one I’m not sure of:

I am doing __________________.

So, is “good” the right word, or is “well”, or are they interchangeable?


Reading To Mom

I was at a local laundromat this cold January evening, because my dryer is broken. While the dryers spun, I was reading the last of Dean Koontz’ FRANKENSTEIN series. I’ve been on a Koontz kick as of late.

At a table near me, a woman who appeared to be a few years younger than me sat with her mother. The daughter was reading aloud to her mother. I wasn’t eavesdropping, but I heard the mention of Elvis Presley and the name “Stormy”, and I immediately recognized she was reading one of Dean Koontz’ ODD THOMAS books.

I’m a writer, so I am always interested in what people are reading. I frequently initiate conversations with strangers based on what they are reading.

The daughter explained that this was “one of the things” they did together. She would read books to her mom.

This struck an emotional chord in me. It got me thinking about my mom. This June will make 31 years since my mom passed away at what now seems so young… she was 60.

I have always been a writer, but my mom never got to read anything I have written as an adult; since I’ve finally gotten serious about honing my craft.

I told the women how it blessed me to see them sharing that, and I got choked up as I explained about my mom, and how she never got to read my writing.

“She has read it, just that you didn’t know it.” The daughter assured me.

I miss her. All the years have not lessened that.

In memory of Betty Lee Mattice Jan 31, 1924 – June 6, 1984.

The Creative Process: Sharing your masterpiece

I intend to read the entire series of which this is a part. Excellent! I recommend it!

Jessica Davidson

If the creative process has gone well, you should now be ready to share your work in the final stage: SHOWING. The moment of truth!

As you work, writing and rewriting, there’s a constant internal pressure to share what you’re doing with others. Especially these days, now that our lives are enhanced/blighted (delete as appropriate) by social networking and ubiquitous narcissism. Of course, you want people to like your work. You’ve spent so long working on it, why wouldn’t you want to share it? You want (and need) approval, encouragement, and validation. But they might hate it, or laugh at it.

At you.

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Community Pool

I highly recommend The Daily Post and their Community Pool, as a great source for my fellow writers.

The Daily Post

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Recipe For Stone Soup

Are times difficult for you?

Do you go to the refrigerator to decide what’s for dinner, and find yourself walking away, trying to convince yourself you weren’t really that hungry?

When you open your cupboard to make your grocery list, do you find it simpler to write what you have, rather than what you need?

Plentiful” describes the empty spaces in your food supply? Are there other people waiting for your paycheck? Those pushy people who insist that luxuries like a roof over your head, electricity, heat, and running water in your home are not free. After scrounging enough pennies to keep those wolves at beigh, do you start searching for the address of the local charity pantry?

Are these inquiries causing you to wonder if I’m ever going to make a point? Good question!

I have found a virtually free unlimited source of food. The source is right outside your door. When properly prepared, it will give your body all of the essential minerals your diet likely lacks.

Stone Soup

You will need:

A large pot of water

Several small rocks, preferably different types for flavor

1. Place stones in bottom of pot

2. Fill pot with water

3. Boil for 3 hours

Serve while still hot; makes as many servings as you can get out of it. 0 calories, lots of minerals. Best of all, you can re-use the stones!

I hope this has been helpful. Bon appetit!

No Gems Today

I still haven’t broken the habit of not posting on my blog unless I think I have something profound to say. So, instead of a shining star, I have a question for my fellow writers:

If you are a stickler for spelling and grammar, and let’s throw in an aversion to colorful language, do you apply those standards to all of your dialogue? Do all of your characters abide by grammar rules? Should they?

Let’s also talk for a moment about the profanity (that term can mean something different to different people) issue. I’ve been reading the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz. The title character does not cuss, and Koontz found a creative way to convey when others did swear. So, if you personally do not use that kind of language, realistic dialogue may include it (since MANY people cuss a lot). How do you convey realistic dialogue? Of course, if you have no problem with that sort of language, you might not relate to that problem. Or perhaps you have alienated some readers by overuse.

So hat do you all think?

New Skin, Just Not So Much Of It!

New Skin

If you could spend the next year as someone radically different from the current “you” — a member of a different species, someone from a different gender or generation, etc. — who would you choose to be?

(Thanks for the great prompt suggestion, indianmacgyver and iamj0ann!) .

I would like to experience being a young woman. This is not to say I’m unhappy with my assigned gender. But TEMPORARILY I think it would be interesting to gain that perspective. I find trying to write from that perspective (being a middle-aged man), my wife (one of my most faithful critics) will read what I have written and pronounce it as “tripe!”

She clearly tells me that “no woman would think/ feel/ say/ do anything like” what I have written. I appreciate her truthful criticism; because she obviously understands a woman’s perspective much better than I do. I have the wrong kind of plumbing for that insight.

But, to temporarily be a young woman would enrich my understanding of their perspective, and make me a better writer.