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Sea Sponge Controversy

Just Like No One Else

Noun Challenge: July 4, 2014

Today’s noun: Sponge

I figured I could either talk about kitchen sponges, or sea sponges. Which one sounds more interesting?

So here are some cool facts about sea sponges:

  • Sea sponges are classified as animals, not plants
  • Sea sponges have no brain or central nervous system
  • They tend to grab onto a solid location and remain there permanently
  • Sponges feed by filtering plankton and other tiny particles in the water
  • Sponges reproduce by catching sperm; fertilization takes place within the sponge
  • The larva settles on the ocean floor and produces baby sponges

Now that you know about sponge sex, let’s talk about the mini controversy surrounding these little guys.

Some of you may know that sea sponges are harvested for use as bath sponges and other science-y stuff. I don’t really want to get into all of that in an attempt to keep this post…

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Is it just another day?

Shes Rambling About Stuff

From a pretty young age I was taught that birthdays are no big deal. In my picture albums there is one picture from my childhood that was me in front of a cake. I was probably only 7 or 8 years old and the only kids were my cousins that are the same age. I was a shy kid and we moved often with my parents’ job so I did not have many friends and what is the point of having a party without friends. I did have plenty of acquaintances and when I turned 21 decided to have my own party. It was at my dad’s house and it was a fun day and night pool party. There were people there that I haven’t seen in years. Remnants of it even lingered the day after in the ditch around the corner. My lasting memory was the burns on the…

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Not Everything In Our Time

My project, seeking backers to invest in the ministry of my first book MORE THAN SONGS  failed. My efforts to raise $12,000 dollars to publish, I succeeded in raising $25.

So, here’s the way I look at it:

I asked a few brothers and sisters in the Lord to take a look at the project and give me honest feedback. One of these told me that he believed “you have to walk the walk in order to talk the talk. And [he] just didn’t see that in my daily life.” This hit me hard, but it was the truth.

I had been straying from living in the reality of what I believe. Oh, I still believe it, but I had become discouraged and was reverting back to old ways of dealing with stress and discouragement. I was not walking the walk.

To make it even worse… because of my biblical knowledge, I could still talk the talk. That would make me a hypocrite. I can praise and worship God sincerely because I know He is worthy. And I have the knowledge to teach many things of God. But if this knowledge affects no change in my life, then the message, no matter how powerful, is tainted, by me.

I was actually trying to convince myself and the Lord that if He would finally bring the vision He has given me to fruition, I would be so encouraged, then I could live the life that I know I should. I have been an intelligent fool. Having knowledge without understanding; knowledge without application is foolishness.

In a nutshell, my heavenly Father knows the true me, and knows that I am not ready yet to fulfill that vision. If He were to permit it now, my own foolishness would bring the important message to ruin. My behavior (deliberate sin) would taint the anointing on the message. And God does not call us into failure. When we follow His leading, we will succeed. The success may not have the form we thought it would, or happen when we think it should; but it will be according to His perfect will and perfect timing.

I just hope I can get it right before it’s too late for me.