Small Giant Steps

Today had its ups and downs…

  • This morning, I weighed 259.6 pounds! This was the first time since I was in my twenties that my weight was in the 250’s. I know that since Sunday, I lost only about 2 pounds; that may not be much. However, like when I broke under 300 pounds, it is a major milestone.

  • I have a very painful dental situation that has been going on for over a week. I called off work today because I had an appointment with a local dentist (actually located a block from my house). He had called in a prescription for antibiotics and 3 days worth of pain medication on Friday. Because I have no insurance, the dental office recommended I apply for CARECREDIT. Essentially, it is a credit card specifically for medical expenses, so you can make payments. If you pay off the balance in 6 months or less, there is no interest. That sounded really good to me. The number they gave me did not work. The website: would not go beyond the opening page, and therefore I could not apply. Further research revealed another phone number. It took about 20 minutes to answer about 5 questions, only to be denied.

         So when I went to the dentist this fine day, after filling out all the paperwork, they told me I could only be treated if I could give them $150 today, and then we could make payments for the rest. I only had $50 to give them today. Now I sit in pain, unsure what or when I will be able to handle this situation.

  • I have been checking my project and with 21 days remaining, I have 0 comments, 0 backers, and 0 dollars. It is discouraging. I have put it out on all the social media I participate in. I have emailed and IM’ed some godly people I know, asking for their feedback. I get NOTHING.

  • Tomorrow I return to work with the dental issue unresolved. I like my job. If I had known what today would have been like, I would have gone to work, no matter how bad I feel.

  • Now, according to a book I’m currently reading, I am supposed to put a positive spin on everything I experienced today…

  1. Today was payday. My check had a half-hour overtime.

  2. That weight was encouraging.

  3. The antibiotics are starting to decrease the swelling and pressure on my tooth and gum.

  4. The weather was lovely today. temps in the 70’s, partly sunny, not unbearably humid. The neighborhood was filled with the wonderful aroma of fresh-mowed grass on my walk home from the dentist.

  5. I am writing this post in my blog. I also submitted two assignments to on Friday. The money should be coming next week.



Financial Freedom

The Daily Prompt

They have presented the scenario today: “You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?”

The thought of this amount of money in lump sum, after taxes, could change a life. I have known people who found themselves in a similar situation. In some cases, it actually ruined their lives. Money, no matter how much, cannot buy happiness. And if a person believes a large sum of money will solve all of their problems, they are wrong. While some problems may go away (debt for instance), they will be replaced with an entirely set of problems… problems that the non-wealthy people cannot even imagine.

If I inherited a sum like $1,000,000, the very first thing, without doubt or hesitation, is to get completely out of debt. And I would never again owe money to anyone for anything. While having money cannot bring you peace, indebtedness can certainly rob you of peace. Being free of the bondage of debt would bring a refreshing freedom to my life. I would never need to finance, take out a loan, pay rent, or develop credit again. Paying cash for everything may be unorthodox today, but that would be me.

Beyond this primary task, I would start my own Literary Agency, helping authors get published and become successful. I would also like to have a local pool hall/ recreation center.

I would never again work for someone else as my boss. Being in business for myself, I would be certain I can get along with the boss.