Kickstarter Launch

My Kickstarter project has been accepted… quicker than I expected. The launch date is tomorrow:


The duration of the project is just 30 days, so on July 1st, I will know if it worked or not. I will post the link tomorrow morning. I hope to hear from all my friends. And hopefully my friends will spread the word. Just like the ripples of a small stone thrown into the water. Kinda cool visualization, huh?

I am excited but also nervous. I have never done anything like this before. It’s all or nothing. If my project meets or exceeds the goal, it’s a green light. But if the goal is not met, I get nothing.

Fun With Felines

The other day I was playing with my cats. There is Murphy, who is a Mancoon (the largest breed of domestic cat:


And there is Marty, who is… well… a cat:        



They are not kittens, but they both love to play.

So, I had this inspiration: “Let’s play Hide-and-Go-Seek!” I said to my cats. Marty likes to  hide sometimes, so I thought it might be fun!  They didn’t seem to object.   

Murphy and Marty at play
Murphy and Marty at play


So I said “You guys hide and I’ll go in the kitchen and count, then I’ll come looking for you!” They didn’t object. I went into the kitchen, and counted to 20. But when I came back into the living room, this is how they hid:

Murphy and Marty at play


They didn’t seem to understand the rules. So I said, “Okay, I’ll go hide. You guys count and come looking for me.”

Wow, I must be really good at hiding!

Just Around The Corner

Yesterday I submitted my project. They say it usually takes 2 – 3 business days to examine it; to ensure that it meets the guidelines. If there are any parts that need editing, they will let me know. Then I can re-submit the project.

Once approved, I can launch when I want.

I’m excited. In 30 days after I launch, I will either have the funds to invest in the publication of my first book, MORE THAN SONGS, or I will know that it was not meant to be done… at least not that way.

I believe in the message of the book. I believe it will be published. And I believe that I will travel to churches and conferences, sharing the messages.


This is my design for a possible cover
This is my design for a possible cover

A Faltering Soldier

My Dell computer has served me well for about 8 years. I have thousands of songs, hundreds of pictures, and years of writing on it’s hard drive. Recently, Microsoft ended support for the Windows XP system. This rendered my computer vulnerable to all attacks, since the security system I gleefully used was Microsoft Security Essentials. Without the ability to update a security program, the fearsome enemy surrounded my abandoned general. His troops had left him alone in the battlefield. He was outnumbered, outgunned, and weak.

The evil Hun captured the general. They tortured him by subduing his old and weak memory, disabling him from performing even the simplest functions. They swallowed his faltering energy, invading his thoughts.

As a result, this once-powerful soldier must be laid to rest.

But there is hope. For a new General Toshiba is soon coming to lead the charge against the marauding forces. He is compact, quick-witted, strong, and able to absorb all of the necessary knowledge his predecessor had possessed.

Long story, short… I am retiring my Dell PC and replacing it with a new Toshiba laptop.