Dear Arctic: Thanks A Lot!

Its been called “The Polar Vortex“, The “Arctic Blast”, and “C-c-c-ooolllldddd!”

From the literal top of the world, frigid air blankets most of the lower 48 states, bringing memorable temperatures, such as this morning in Ravenna, Ohio, it was -13 Fahrenheit, that’s -25 for those more comfortable with Celsius. But this frigid air was gusting at an average speed of 19 mph, blessing us with a wind chill of -39 F. The high temperature today was 2 degrees.

So I want to give a great big shout out to the Arctic region for sharing with so many people: Thanks a whole lot!


The Only Thing

The only thing we can count on remaining the same: Things will change!

54 years ago today I was unleashed on the world. By the way world… you’re welcome.

In taking stock of my life, without oozing pathos, or being a boasting braggart, I stepped on the scale today, and I have lost 77 pounds since this time last year. This means that I only need to lose about another 45 or 50 pounds to reach my goal weight. As a diabetic, I try to pound my sweet tooth into submission, but sometimes it still wins. I try to eat smaller amounts, but I have a lifetime of bad habits to break. When I was growing up (if I ever really did that), if we liked a particular food, we ate a LOT of it. It was actually one of the ways we showed approval of my mom, and made her happy. 

Well, mom has been gone for 30 years this June, but I still have portion control issues. I maybe have an advantage over some people struggling with weight loss, in that I like healthy foods and unhealthy foods. AWWWW, who am I kidding? I really like food! There’s something I have wanted to understand for some time though; perhaps someone can help me… WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH MORE TO EAT HEALTHY THAN IT DOES TO PIG OUT ON FOODS YOU SHOULD PROBABLY AVOID?

Moving on… I have finally secured a guitar student. Last night it appears I have a second student. I have not been able to get any students in the last few years, primarily because people seem convinced they can learn just as well from the internet for free (which of course they can’t). My hands do not work as well as they once did. Playing guitar is sometimes quite painful for me. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to play, but I can teach, sharing the gift with others, inspiring creativity and expression. Plus, its nice supplemental income.

My 53rd year saw a new job, developing what I hope are true friendships, and (this is a biggie for me!) learning to shut up!

And with that said…