Pop Quiz!

Yesterday, as I headed out (on foot you know) to job hunt, I was about a block from my house when a neighbor lady was in her front yard trying to put a medium-sized garbage bag full of garbage inside a larger trash bag. As she lifted the smaller bag, it split wide open, dumping all of the contents on the ground at her feet.

That has happened to me before, so I was sympathetic. But not enough to help her. My first reaction was literally cross the street to the other side, so she would not even think of my assistance. I was dressed up and clean. You know, ready to try to make a good impression to prospective employers. I knew that if I helped her, I would likely have to go back home and wash the garbage and smell off.

Suddenly, God reminded me of the story of the Good samaritan. If you don’t know it, here’s the condensed version:
A man was robbed and beat up and left on the side of the road to die. Two religious men, seeing him a mess, immediately crossed to the other side of the street, fearing thay might accidentally come in physical contact with the injured man. He was bloody, dirty, and they could get “soiled“. Finally, a Samaritan businessman came along. He helped the man on the spot without hesitation. He then took the man to a local Inn, and stayed to care for the man as long as he could. Before he left, the Samaritan man gave money to the innkeeper and instructions to care for the injured man, and if it should cost more than what he’d given him, the Samaritan businessman would pay the difference when he came back through town after his business trip.

Wow! I didn’t know there would be a pop quiz! Immediately, I crossed back over and offered her help. She said “no thanks, I’m okay. But thank you!”

So, I repented, turned around and did the right thing. But I wish that would have been my FIRST reaction. Sometimes I’m still a Pharisee!


More New Adventures!

This is my design for a possible cover
This is my design for a possible cover

I’ve been in contact with WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishing, the oldest and one of the largest Christian publishers in the country. They want to work with me. Unfortunately, because I am a new author, I must make an investment. Such is the world of publishing any more. It’s not the same as self-publishing. Self-publishing is when, as long as the author pays, the publisher will print ANYTHING. That is because the primary customer is the author, not book stores and suppliers.

WestBow Press are selective about who and what they publish. They need to believe in the message and the author’s ability to deliver the message, and of course, sell books. Thomas Nelson watches over WestBow authors and books, for content and success. They may pick up an author and book from WestBow, offering a traditional publishing package.

The representative I spoke with yesterday suggested I investigate kickstarter.com. He said he has several new authors who, like me did not the funds to invest, and they used this website to get thousands of dollars. So, I am going to do that. Pray for me, and if you are able, when my project is posted, help me out. I’ll post here with the link when my project is up.

New Adventures!



Yes, I have signed up for NaNoWriMo. For those unfamiliar with it, in the month of November, about 300,000 participants will write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days! Do I know what mine will be about? Not yet! Will it be hard at times? Of Course! Will it be fun? Yes!

Should everyone do it? ABSOLUTELY!

Quick Tip: The Best Camera is the One You Have With You

I have never taken a good photo with my phones (but I’ve never had a “good” phone. However, I often carry my digital camera, and I’m not a professional (I know, because I know a pro!), but I feel I have taken some wonderful pictures. BTW, the difference between a pro and me is a pro makes photographic art, and I sometimes take good pictures.

The Daily Post

I like to take pictures using my phone. Each photo I take represents a precise moment in my life — a memory, a place, an object — something that captures my imagination or inspires me in some way. While some people fuss about buying the latest cameras and the latest lenses to make the best possible photographs, I’m not one to lug a large camera around. My iPhone is always in my pocket, ready to capture these randommoments during my day and my travels, for I’ve found it’s true that the best camera in the world is the one that I have with me.

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Daily Prompt: All Grown Up

Let’s run with this, you know, like a PAIR OF SCISSORS (IF YOU ARE GOING TO VENTURE INTO THIS ENDEAVOR, DO IT RIGHT! hOLD THE SCISSORS IN YOUR MOUTH!). The first time I really felt like a grown-up was when my daughter was born on April 21, 1980. Now that doesn’t mean that I have acted like a grown-up ever since! Heaven forbid!

Updates: Warning! Dated Material!

Mr. Bates from CrossLink Publishing has never responded to me. I don’t mean to judge, but it doesn’t seem that he is very interested in helping a writer trying to make a Christian message marketable.  

However, Darya Sackett from INNOVO Publishing has been very helpful and supportive. She has given me some very specific and helpful information on how to build my platform (see last post). I am beginning that process, with a goal of having an established platform by this Fall. Then, MORE THAN SONGS should be a marketable Christian book.

*** On a completely different topic, I had a job interview yesterday with the owner of a “fine dining” restaurant in Kent, called LAZIZA. It is a well-paying opportunity with advancement on the near horizon. The owner is looking to open a new restaurant in Hudson this June, and he is looking for managers to open it. It’s been several years since I worked in a restaurant. I’m nervous, but confident that, with a little time, I can brush up on my culinary skills and knowledge. ****