Holding Patterns

The web developer I was writing for has been undergoing some changes as of the last two weeks of August. All of the writing staff had to apply for jobs again, with the proposed launching date of September 1st. I have not heard from them yet.

My computer had an infection that disabled clicking or typing in the top 1/3 of the screen. For about two weeks, I could not get anything accomplished on my PC. I downloaded and used a program from Comodo.com, and it worked! Now I can get back to work on some ways to make some money.

For example, I’m going to be publishing some of my work on Amazon.com in Kindle format, and they will be available in print through Createspace.com (also through Amazon.com). As they become available, I will post.


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I am 56 and live in Ravenna, OH USA. I am a writer . I am a father and grandfather. I have been a Christian since 1982. I am a musician and singer. I teach guitar (when I can get students). I am an avid reader and Bible student. Under the name Mike Mattice, I write Christian nonfiction. Also, I write web content for a web developer, articles and blogs on various topics.

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